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fake money
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value it never had
inflation is a scam

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Feel the festivities year round 

Maybe I’m weird but I actually get tired of saying Merry Christmas.  For starters it’s a pagan holiday and not even the actual birth of Jesus at that.

Granted I actually felt more festive this year than I have in years. Maybe it’s the cooler weather.  As much as I miss it out west, I’m thinking of moving north next. I have never been out of the southwest.

As far as Christmas goes, it makes sense that Jesus was born at the start of the Jewish New Year.  This would place His conception around Christmas time since that’s when life begins.

If the Messiah was born in the fall, it would also make sense given the wise men that travelled to see Him. It’s easier to travel during the spring and summer months than the cold winter months.

I don’t get into the holidays much because of over-commercialization and the meaning can and should be celebrated year round.

Maybe then the world would be a lot more peaceful.

A glimpse into Preterism

The Bible says “love is patient”. Remember the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Although it sure took that little amount of time to destroy everything.
That being said, the Church has waited 2000 years for Jesus to come back. If you read the Old Testament you will notice the average “wait time” is about 40 years.

Is it possible Jesus already came back?  After reading the book of Revelations over a dozen times, I asked myself this question.

And then something funny happened. I met a Preterist in a Facebook group. Slowly it became several of them.

You might think it was associating them that swayed me, but it was after I’d already come to the conclusion that Preterism was true that I met them.

Along with this I started reading books by 18th century theologian Emmanuel Swedenborg whose theology also lined up with Preterism. Swedenborg believed the “Second Coming” was simply a Messianic Consciousness among believers.

As soon as I start talking about consciousness, many people will try to have me committed. You can’t send me back to the funny farm; they don’t want me anyway.

Some reasons for Preterism:

1) Jesus said this generation would see the signs He was talking about. A generation was 40 years (AD 30-70).

2) The Greek word parousia was defined as judgement on Jersusalem.  The destruction of the second Jewish temple took place in 70AD. This was about the midpoint of the first Jewish War.

3) One of the reasons I read that Jews reject Christianity is because they believe their prophetic books say nothing about a second coming.

That is enough to start with. When I asked myself the question about if the “Second Coming” had already happened, I wasn’t fully being serious. . .

But the gradual Awakening that took place thereafter confirms it. Jesus never left. You have to “see” Him with your spiritual eyes. He has been reigning for nearly 2000 years.

The Body of Christ is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. One futurist asked if Preterism is true, then our salvation is past too, right?

No our salvation is not in the past or the future. It is in the present because that is where God is. Science shows time slows down in outer space. Time is an illusion and nonexistent in the Kingdom of God.  It’s as if everything is happening at one time.

But what about the rebuilding of the third temple? That is a topic for another blog post. For more information on Preterism, just go to The Fulfilled Connection Magazine at