Don’t mess with bill(s)

Ever notice at the top of the dollar bill it says “federal reserve note”? The dollar “bill” is just another bill that we have to pay back. This is why you can never get ahead. But if you think you have nothing to show for all of your hard work, then take a look around at all the stuff you were able to buy.  

Money is a medium of exchange.  The dollar bill is a loan to you in exchange for your labor.  You have to put it back in the system in exchange for other resources that you enjoy.  

Capitalism is all about raising your standard of living. If you are content with little or nothing, then you are rich.  Some cultures and people groups are poor on paper because they value community over “wealth building”. 

According to the law of attraction, if you want more then you will find a way to get it. No need to play the victim.  We already have enough people with a victim mentality in society as it is. 

Also native American philosophy teaches wisdom in only taking what you need. In working class terms this is called “working to live” as opposed to “live to work”.


Here is a little trickle for you

I have some good news for you; the economy is booming.  Of course you already knew that.  But where there is good news there is also bad news. The bad news is that household debt is increasing.  It’s almost as if the two are connected.  

People get excited about job growth but they always hate the inflation that goes with it.  It’s kind of like more money leading to more problems though the answer is always more money.  

In other words, trickle down economics does work; you do get a trickle of it. And it’s always down. The only thing that is guaranteed to trickle down is a lot of bullshit; more bullshit than money to be exact.  

The Daily E Podcast #20: Knowing when to give up since it doesn’t matter anyway