Coming soon: Who knows? Just try to enjoy it

This meme could mean so many other things, but to me it’s a reminder someday I will leave this world for bigger and better things. It can’t be that bad since all my loved ones have departed.

Maybe it is a midlife crisis. Although part of the reason I stayed in Dallas for a couple of years before moving back to Phoenix was because I felt connected to departed loved ones in the city of my birth.

Maybe I am losing my mind but it felt like they were with me. Of course they are in energy form so they are always with me. I even had a dream (or a visitation) from my earthly father right before I left. I didn’t want to wake up. If anyone else has had these experiences please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

The older I get the more I think about death. Not to be morbid but it keeps you humble and more appreciative of life. Also when you see the vanity of life you tend to become less ambitious about material things.

Maybe the purpose of life is to die. We are all basically just waiting for death. Whatever awaits us, we can’t go wrong with love and service. True service expects nothing in return unlike capitalism.

This life may be short in comparison but it is merely just a starting point.

Why worry?

Jesus said “what good does it to to worry”. I have to admit I forgot the rest of that but I get the general idea. Mental illness is a growing business in western culture. Many mental problems are anxiety related which is often a result of worrying.

Too many people get worked up over politics that they actually have to take medicine for their growing stress levels. I have followed politics for three presidents now and to me it just seems as if the economy runs itself.

The economy has has had boom and bust cycles every seven years since the beginning of time, or maybe just the beginning of money. Capitalism is not a new system, just a newly named system. Some form has always been around.

I grew up voting Republican, then switched to Democrat briefly. I think it was mainly not wanting just one option in politics. Then I begin to realize they are just two sides of the same evil coin. Guess who the pawns are?

We don’t need a leader. God’s nation is his people of faith. We are divinely protected even if we do lose everything. When the people of ancient Israel wanted a king, Samuel the prophet told them the Lord would be their king.

This is why I don’t worry about issues such as Social Security. A program like that may still be around when we retire by simple divine providence.

When you choose not to worry your healthcare tends to take care of itself. More so than the government will; they are only pushing for universal healthcare for control and not because they care about us.

Some of the things that helped me overcome mental illness are:

  1. Finding strength in admitting that all sickness a weakness in body and mind.
  2. Realizing that any emotional problems I had would only be exploited by behavioral health services and that professional help was merely a sales gimmick.
  3. Not being too sensitive. Sensitive types don’t last long in the world.
  4. Realizing it’s a selfish world and no one really cares anyway.

Minimize so you can maximize

We work so hard in school these days to the point that we are willing to go into debt. And for what reason? Just so we can get a cushy desk job and not have to work so hard in life. And we wonder why kids today are so fat and lazy.

I pushed myself too hard at what most people would continue a low paying job in a grocery store. In the end I am not even sure what the incentive was when I could have just pushed myself in school and made 2-3 times as much.

For one thing I begin to realize that it’s not jobs that are low paying, it’s that everything is overpriced. But that is another post entirely.

I do know why I never gave up:

  1. Men tend to emulate their earthly fathers. My dad was a hard worker and it feels like he lives vicariously through me when I work hard.
  2. I grew up in what would be considered a redneck family and grew to value the simple life. I can get into all things country except for the music.
  3. Physical labor builds character more than any office job. It also keeps you healthy.
  4. You don’t meet quotas by doing more; you meet quotas by being more efficient with what you have. This is basically “do more with less” or prioritizing.

In the end, the only reason laborers don’t get paid much is because their labor isn’t valued by society. Your worth comes from being a human and is not defined by your job.

Also I consider myself an efficiency expert who doesn’t work as hard. But this has gotten me screwed over in more than one occasion. Apparently “working smarter and not harder” still means you’re a lazy piece of shit.

The Bible says in all labor there is profit. Profit is not always monetary. Some of the slaves in the 19th century had slave owners who took care of them. Not that I would advocate slavery, though nowadays we put ourselves on the auction block when we sell ourselves to the highest bidder.

Slavery wasn’t abolished, it’s just easier to let people sell themselves into slavery. The beauty of economic slavery is you can decide your own standard of living. That is if you can resist the peer pressure of societal manipulation.

Country boys can survive. Apparently so can headbangers.

The secret to being wealth and prosperity according to the Bible

Today’s devotional comes from a verse in the book of Proverbs which said “the diligent soul will prosper”. In the United States we tend to think of prosperity being in the form of money. In the Bible it says that God’s ways are higher than man’s and that what man esteems, God often despises.

I have been managing this blog for just over seven years. It has went through a few name changes. Also I accidentally deleted a whole bunch of posts a couple years ago. I went through the ones that were left and did some editing and also rewrote some of the older posts from memory.

All that being said, I haven’t really been as diligent as I could have been. This is mostly recreational and therapeutic for me. Though I am considering publishing my writings in the coming years.

The word prosper can have multiple meanings. Just like many “poor” people don’t pursue earthly riches because they seek to be rich in other areas. Even if I don’t make a lot of money (or any) I am reminded that my work serves a higher purpose and not to get caught up in the financial benefits.

If you work hard enough at something you may very well end up getting rich anyway. The best way to get rich is to realize you already are by finding true wealth within.

The secret to financial freedom is to not focus on the money. Dr. Wayne Dyer once said money is never the end goal, it usually flows from a life of purpose and intention.

The minimum wage is chasing me down one way or the other

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Just seven years after a breakdown and going into remission, I am slowly starting to get my ambition back; a little too slowly sometime, but once you pass 40 it is a little more challenging. If I hit bottom again in the next decade or two, I am pretty much done it and should just hang it up.

The funny thing about returning to the work force is that I am not that far above minimum wage. It’s not that my current day job is a minimum wage job, it’s that they keep raising the minimum wage. I just realized the bad thing about raising the minimum wage is that everyone getting above it is pretty much screwed.

So every time I move up to a higher position now, the minimum wage gets moved up. It’s almost like the minimum wage is chasing me. Pretty soon we will probably all be getting minimum wage.  Come to think of it that may be part of the liberal agenda after all.  It’s all about equality right. Right???

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter in the end. It is all temporary right? Right?? Right???

I suppose all things considering, the real minimum wage has always been zero. Therefore whether you get the federal wage of $7.25 or you live in a state that raised it to $10-15 per hour, you are getting well above minimum wage.

Work is work right? Work is good for you, but probably not the way we do it. You can afford pretty much anything you want in this economy as long as you work 70-80 hours per week. So no need to fret about the rising rent prices.  The real problem is I seriously doubt we were created to work that much; not to mention that it is not healthy. That is why so many people are artificially going and dependent on medicines and healthcare.

Then again you don’t have to work that hard. That is, if you have the resilience to take a vow of poverty like many of the early saints did. By vow of poverty I just mean choosing to live on less. I have pretty much been doing that for most of the past few years although it wasn’t really planned that way. I just had a breakdown and lost interest in everything and then kept going down the rabbit hole seeing more and more bullshit which made me wonder if it was worth getting back up and playing the game knowing that I really didn’t have to in the first place.

Side note: the rabbit hole never ends. I should be in China by now. It’s awesome. (not really).