Grow up, grow old, or die?


How to properly recover from life

I’ve read a life recovery bible

I’ve even been to celebrate recovery groups

They always ask me what my addiction is

You don’t need an addiction to be in need of recovery

Sometimes you just need to recover from life itself

Life really isn’t that hard

It is human nature that makes it hard by overcomplicating it

The Bible talks about how our work will be paved with thorns and thistles that will frustrate us.

Sometimes these thorns and thistles manifest as people.

Conversation between a sinner and an evangelical

Human: So God loves me but has to burn me forever if I don’t love him back or believe in the right theology?

Evangelical: yes

Human: that’s not a God anyone wants to know

Evangelical: he will love you unconditionally once you get to know him.

Human: sounds like your typical asshole on this planet

How the law sets you free

A lesson I learned from Jewish friends and studying Judaism the last few years:

  1. Torah is divine law that they follow out of reverence for the Divine and results in divine blessings.
  2. It’s all about the heart. There is no penalty for not following divine law unlike man made laws.
  3. Jesus didn’t free us from something that we were never bound to. The Christ just showed us the spiritual aspect of the law which is reverence (fear) for the Divine and love for our neighbors.
  4. Paul said the law was written on our hearts. We can’t judge who a spiritual Jew is because only God can see the heart.
  5. The Bible repeatedly talks about obeying God’s commands being our primary purpose in life. Any spiritually discerning person can go through the 613 commands and tell that it boils down to being a decent human being who puts God first and looks after their neighbor.

The Divine may be sovereign but I don’t think “He” is anal enough to keep track if we’re keeping all the laws. Even the Christ couldn’t keep all of them since some were only for women. Unless Jesus was transgender.

My personal method of escaping from reality

Everyone always looks for an escape from reality. Why is it no one wants to take the only escape that offers actual benefits rather than a route of self-destruction?

That escape is the inward path. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown? Of really getting to know yourself?

My escape from reality has always been reading. Even though I’m aware that 99% of what I read is bullshit. The knowledge is still empowering and gives me the self-control I need to resist all other addictions.

Sometimes I like to escape from reality and take a trip to the funny farm. It’s where I get my best material.

I used to have paranoid delusions and loss of contact with reality. Now I just watch everyone else act paranoid while not being all that certain of what reality even is. It’s as if I can’t tell the difference between the real world and a psychiatric emergency room anymore.

You think you’re not very smart and then one day you realize that the world is run by a bunch of jacked up idiots. Now that’s one way to prove the existence of God (or whatever name you ascribe to the Force).