Material prosperity comes in many forms

The future of America may very well be trailer parks, rvs,and bonfires

Sounds like something out of Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty don’t it

Some people see these things and see poverty

Others see it as anarchy, freedom, and their own personal wealth

One man’s wealth is another man’s poverty

Life isn’t about earning money

It’s about relationships and community

The money is just a bonus

Material prosperity is a sign of divine favor alright; but this pertains to what God has already provided in nature

Compared to natural providence everything man made is cursed

Minimum wage for everyone: The new middle class.


Maybe hell isn’t so bad as we have been taught

I have to start off with a confession

I still believe in hell

Not the hellfire and brimstone that churches teach that stems from taking the Bible too literally

People put themselves through hell by over thinking life and making it harder than it has to be

Life isn’t that hard, nor was it created to be hard

God will not bless you for enduring a hard life if it’s of your own doing

The world itself is hell

The afterlife is just a continuation of this life in another dimension

Heaven and hell coexist

Perhaps hell is just heaven’s ghetto; which just means that if I don’t make it to heaven, I will be living on the Southside for all of eternity.

Who cares what you believe?

Anything can be an idol or a god in one’s life. It’s whatever you are dependent on or whatever you find your identity in. For most people it’s money and what they feel is their life’s work since this is where they spend most of their lives. That’s why many can never retire and feel a sense of loss when their job gets phased out.

Addiction is a form of idolatry because you are dependent on something man made; be it drugs, alcohol, food, sex, work, etc.

If it’s not any of the above it could be the pursuit of knowledge. People stay in school all their lives for this reason. In church settings it can be theology. This is why churches judge other churches who have a differing theology.

Solomon was familiar with all of these and was the wisest man man in the Bible. He’s the one who said all is vanity and that life is ultimately meaningless without a relationship to the Divine.

Jesus said you should hate your family before you can follow Him. One is not spiritually discerning if you think God can be love and preach hate. Metaphorically speaking, to hate is to “love less than”.

One’s love and reverence for the Divine should make love for anything in the world look like hate in comparison.

Maybe the church has it wrong and relationships are more important than having right theology.

You will know them by their correct theology.”-said no Jesus ever.

Sin is simply to miss the mark or to miss what life is all about and consequently become too focused on earthly things.

To know or not to know

What is true intelligence?

The heavens declare the glory of God.”-Psalm 19

True intelligence comes from reverence for the Divine. It is wisdom that trumps booksmarts and common sense. Both the latter look foolish by comparison.

The late philosopher Socrates once said “all I know is that I know nothing”

It takes more faith and humility to admit you don’t know as much as you think you do.

The Apostle Paul said to become all things to all people so as to win some. So I became an atheist. Now I understand what Pope Francis meant when he said a righteous atheist could still make it to heaven.

Some atheists have a more transcendental view of God. It’s just organized religions they reject since they tend to become corrupt if they get too big.

I once saw a video on YouTube featuring Professor Richard Dawkins and Evangelist Ted Garner at a megachurch in Colorado. Dawkins actually seemed like the humble one in the video and the former seemed more full of himself.

Who am I to judge though?

Sometimes it’s okay to admit that you just don’t know.

Just embrace the mystery of the Divine and watch it take care of you.

True worship and “confession” is just acknowledging anyway.