What happens when you try to raise the minimum wage at McDonald’s 

I confess that I occasionally stop into McDonald’s for a burger or a breakfast item.  I actually like their coffee;  especially when it’s  $1.00 with free refills. 

Upon a recent visit to one of their locations near me, I had the pleasure of being checked out by one of their newest cashiers.  Or should I say checking myself out?

I actually like self-checkout by the way. 

During my stay,  I had the pleasure of talking with a manager who informed me that the new “cashiers” cost about  $67,000 for a set of four. That’s about  $16,750 for each one, which is about what a minimum wage worker gets per year if they work full-time.  

These new “cashiers” will last a few years though. Also McDonald’s pays more than minimum wage. The manager was trying to recruit me by hiring me as a manager in training so he told me all that.

 McDonald’s starts at $9 and can work more than 40 since there is money in the actual business; with the opportunity to move into management, corporate or invest in your own franchise.

  Of course people with no ambition will never tell you about the perks. Those who are ambitious will see opportunity everywhere.  

And if the government goes long enough without raising the minimum wage, most companies that actually pay minimum wage raise their pay on their own. 

Ssh. Don’t tell the liberals that one. The manager also informed me that the new “cashiers” will not effect how many people he hires.  It will just keep the lines from getting backed up. They can always use the extra help in the kitchen and the drive thru. 

Besides I prefer locally owned burger joints anyway. The food always tastes better when it’s local because it doesn’t travel as far.  No agendas here by the way; actually yea there is, #shoplocal. 

I think one of those new cashiers hit on me. 


Duplex for lease in the inner city

I couldn’t pass up a photographic opportunity here. This photo of two portopotties side by side made me think of a duplex for homeless people.  I even made a joke about it being “my old place” with a friend I met in a homeless shelter being my old roommate.

I call this “duplex for lease in the inner city for a good homeless person.”

Even if this photographic opportunity doesn’t provide any economic value to society, I still profit from the opportunity to create humor even if it doesn’t sell. Plus having been on the streets before I can get away with it.

Also having been there before, I can safely say it was still a blessing to have a nice warm roof over your head.  It was the cheapest motel I ever stayed in. No bed bugs or cable but the latter was on my phone.