Mystery of the third temple 

An article I wrote for the Fulfilled Connection magazine which presents the spiritual aspect of the book of Revelations and how everything was fulfilled during the 1st century.


The Israel of the God

Another article for the Fulfilled Connection magazine about how the church (or Bride of Christ) is the new Israel. Yeshua/Jesus isn’t coming back because His body is still here and is more universal than people realize.

How many raptured have you lived through (or missed)

I took this picture of a t-shirt that someone was passing out when I lived in Phoenix a few years ago. It begs the question of just how many raptured each one of us have lived through?  If the answer is less than a dozen or so, then you are probably too young to even be on any blogging or social media platform.  

The entire rapture theory is born out of people that don’t know enough about history that surrounded first century Jerusalem to know that all the Jewish prophecies were fulfilled between the ascension of the Jewish Messiah and the destruction of the second temple.  

Both Judaism and Christianity teach the basics of salvation, but only enough to control their flock and keep them enslaved so they can keep the tithe money coming in. The teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as all other spiritual teachers, are actually quite universal. 

Salvation itself is oneness with the Divine,  the Ancient of Days, the marriage between the Divine and humanity that always existed for people of faith.  It is also deliverance from the hellish material world. 

Life is not that hard. It is the ways of the world that are hard. Exercise regularly by meditating,  going within and becoming more in tune with your soul which is your divine self. 

Jesus isnt coming back because he never left.  The spiritual kingdom is invisible and exists in another dimension that we pass into upon death. 

Top 5 reasons to be a Preterist

The featured image for this blog post is the present Gehenna, formerly the trash heap where the trash was burned outside of Jerusalem.  The spiritual “New Jerusalem” is the Body of Christ with “hell” being those outside of the fellowship. Of course since the gentiles were grafted in to Israel, they are included in the plan of salvation.  The only difference is they don’t know their true identity; of course as sad as it is, many in the church don’t know either; this is why they keep waiting for the physical “second coming”. 

It has been 3 ½ years since I came to the knowledge of the truth of preterism. One reason that I can be sure of its truth is that I came to the conclusion on my own after reading the Book of Revelation about 20 times through 2013. It wasn’t until after I came to the conclusion that I even heard the term preterism and begin to make one preterist friend after the other.

In fact I even asked myself, “what if the Second Coming already happened?” That’s when the revelation hit me that I was living in two kingdoms: the invisible spiritual kingdom of the Christ and the man made political kingdom of the world that most people are too focused on. Sadly I believe there are too many Christians that are too distracted by this kingdom to even be aware of what God is doing in this world.

The following are some of the best reasons that I can come up with as to how to defend my faith when it comes to this exciting new worldview:

  1. The patriarchs of the Old Testament waited on the Lord for anywhere from 40 to 100 years. Why is the church still waiting for the Lord after 2000 years?
  2.  The second coming is and rapture theories are based on the premise that  there  of the 70 weeks mentioned in the book of Daniel, a 70th and final week is off floating out there somewhere after the first 69 passed like clockwork.   Keep in mind we have a God or order too.
  3. There is nothing in the Bible that speaks of a physical kingdom of Christ. Even Jesus’s Apostles expected a Him to set up a political Kingdom.    The Lord is spiritual and one must be “born again” to see the kingdom all around them; that is to say the kingdom of God at work in their lives and knowing their true identity in Christ as opposed to their identity in the world.
  4. Jesus said the people of His generation will not taste death until they saw these things.
  5. The word parousia which is where the idea for the second coming comes from was in reference to judgement on Jerusalem which took place in AD 70. This is supported by the definition of the word in the Strong’s Concordance.

As a bonus, many atheists and agnostics (who know the the bible better than most religious people) even cite that preterism is the only theology that makes any sense to them and is the most logical.

I might add that when I see preterists and futurists debate on social media, the futurists always lose. That just shows how much more rational the subject of preterism is. After all, we serve a God of order.

Christians, like the rest of the world, are always looking for a political leader to represent them. This is why we have government if you read the Book of Samuel where the people ask for a king.   One of the biggest prophecies of the Old Testament is about the temple being build a third time. This is impossible because a Mosque sits on the sit of the first two temples.

Also God said His spirit would not dwell in a house made with human hands.  The number 3 marks completion. Jesus said His temple would be rebuilt in three days. The third temple is the invisible kingdom of the Christ that only true believers can see.

Jesus is not coming back because He never left. His Body is still here.

A glimpse into Preterism 

The Bible says “love is patient”. Remember the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Although it sure took that little amount of time to destroy everything.
That being said, the Church has waited 2000 years for Jesus to come back. If you read the Old Testament you will notice the average “wait time” is about 40 years.

Is it possible Jesus already came back?  After reading the book of Revelations over a dozen times, I asked myself this question.

And then something funny happened. I met a Preterist in a Facebook group. Slowly it became several of them.

You might think it was associating them that swayed me, but it was after I’d already come to the conclusion that Preterism was true that I met them.

Along with this I started reading books by 18th century theologian Emmanuel Swedenborg whose theology also lined up with Preterism. Swedenborg believed the “Second Coming” was simply a Messianic Consciousness among believers.

As soon as I start talking about consciousness, many people will try to have me committed. You can’t send me back to the funny farm; they don’t want me anyway.

Some reasons for Preterism:

1) Jesus said this generation would see the signs He was talking about. A generation was 40 years (AD 30-70).

2) The Greek word parousia was defined as judgement on Jersusalem.  The destruction of the second Jewish temple took place in 70AD. This was about the midpoint of the first Jewish War.

3) One of the reasons I read that Jews reject Christianity is because they believe their prophetic books say nothing about a second coming.

That is enough to start with. When I asked myself the question about if the “Second Coming” had already happened, I wasn’t fully being serious. . .

But the gradual Awakening that took place thereafter confirms it. Jesus never left. You have to “see” Him with your spiritual eyes. He has been reigning for nearly 2000 years.

The Body of Christ is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. One futurist asked if Preterism is true, then our salvation is past too, right?

No our salvation is not in the past or the future. It is in the present because that is where God is. Science shows time slows down in outer space. Time is an illusion and nonexistent in the Kingdom of God.  It’s as if everything is happening at one time.

But what about the rebuilding of the third temple? That is a topic for another blog post. For more information on Preterism, just go to The Fulfilled Connection Magazine at