Erwin Bishop Wooten, Jr. was born in Dallas, Texas on April 16, 1977 and spent much of his early life living and traveling throughout the Southwest. He became interested in working in the media as a teenager when he would listen to the local disc jockeys on various Top 40 stations. It was during a short span in college that he discovered his writing talent though he didn’t really pursue it until his mid 30s when someone told him about how he could set up a WordPress blog.  The name of this blog comes from E Bishop’s passion for wellness which comes from his interest in the Bible and various other spiritual/religious literature; the word “created” indicates a creator and the word “wellness” is what Mr. Wooten discerns to be the main theme of the Bible. Although he has no interest in a medical career, he does have a knack for finding the humor in almost anything within reason in life and he does have a strong belief that laughter is the best medicine. By the way, he is not stoned in the feature image; his eyes are just half closed for special effect. And his middle name really is Bishop. You can contact him via his social media links or email ewootenjr@gmail.com.

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