About Me

I was born in Dallas, Texas but spent a lot of time traveling throughout the southwest and feel more at home on the west coast.

I grew up with an interest in radio and dreamed of being a radio announcer; until I got to college and discovered I was a better writer. It is my spiritual calling even if I don’t make money doing it.

I was baptized as a Christian in Canyon lake down in New Braunfels, Texas right after the death of my maternal grandmother (who taught me about Jesus) in July 2001.

Although my basic beliefs are Judeo-Christian, I do read other scriptures from different religions, especially the Vedic scriptures which predate Jewish literature. I am also a preterist and believe that Yeshua/Jesus fulfilled the Jewish prophecies by AD 70 and the Body of Christ is the spiritual second coming that most churches claim to be waiting for.

Thank you for visiting my blog,

Blessings and peace from Daily Evotionals and E’isms