Remember who the real King is

Maybe we should be thankful for two political parties. They keep each other balanced out by going to opposite extremes. Let us remember that America is more of a melting pot culture so it doesn’t have to be purely capitalist or socialist. There is such a thing as a mixed economy.

And for those extremists who think a little Marxism will corrupt Capitalism: it’s only a fair reminder that the latter is not a perfect system either. Both sides have their good points and bad points.  To say otherwise would be worshipping a political system.

Remember God’s ways our higher than our ways and His Kingdom is purely spiritual and the only pure economic system. His Kingdom is also not dependent on money for that is as man-made as religion itself.  To those who think God’s blessings are material, it says in the scriptures that the blessings of the Lord are righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit.

I was also reminded of how God used to intervene in the affairs of kings when it came to politics in the Old Testament, but He apparently doesn’t do this anymore.

Or does He? God doesn’t change. We can’t really assume He’s not intervening in political affairs just because we don’t get what we ask Him for in the political kingdom. Remember it says in Romans 13 that the governments serve God’s purposes. A few chapters earlier it also says that all things work together for the good of those that love God.